Less of Rick

My “less of Rick” project is on hold for now

You can read a bit more about it in my last posting here. I hope to get the project restarted again soon.

The former content of this page is reproduced below the line. It’ll come back up to the normal text again when I can restart down this road.

I recently came across this guy who did a pretty remarkable body transformation by keeping himself accountable via blogging. He’s a personal trainer type, but makes a point of saying that he isn’t a body builder or anything like that by profession. At least I think so. I honestly haven’t dug into what he has going on too deeply.

That got me to thinking. I’m not interested in body building, but I’d certainly love to be smaller than I am. I used to be thin in high school. But I packed on around 25 pounds within months of being married, and my weight has slowly crept up from there over the last 17 years. Oh, and a period of chemo-therapy when I could only battle nausea via snacking didn’t help either. 🙁

So this part of our site will document a journey I’m trying to take. I plan to blog about what I’m eating, exercises I’m doing, post pictures, statistics, etc. I want to have the data “out there” for people to see to motivate me to keep going.

So all that to say: All hope abandon, ye who enter here! There are some pretty scary “before” pictures posted! If I haven’t asked you specifically to hold me accountable, you probably don’t want to subject yourself to the material contained in this part of the site.


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