INTV game review ratings

I’ve chosen my ratings system to be compatible with the one at the Intv Funhouse site.

Each game review will score the game with numbers from 1 to 5 on the sole criteria of how well the game fits an arcade machine. The numbers will correspond rougly to the following meanings:

Rating Arcadeability
1 Ouch, this game just doesn’t work on an arcade machine.
2 Well, I can get it work on this machine, but it isn’t as fun as with the original controllers.
3 Yeah, it’s one of those old games… What else do you have?
4 This plays pretty darn well on this arcade machine!
5 Wow! Is this an arcade game or an Intellivision game?

And as indicated on the Intv Funhouse, this is all arbitrary. But I’m hoping to add a little value to Intellivision fans who have arcade machines running emulators.