Mr. Mom

The past 36 hours or so at our house have been more than challenging.  Quin ended up with some sort of stomach bug that kept us home from church on Sunday.  This same crazy bug ended up hitting me at some point late Sunday evening and pretty much all night and into the day on Monday.  Things got a bit more intense yesterday morning.  I suppose I became a bit dehydrated and sort of blacked out for a bit.  

Thankfully I do believe the bug is behind me now as I sit here with a bowl of cereal and a stomach that is actually hungry enough for it.  I’m thankful that God carried me through the ordeal, mostly through the care of my husband.  I’d like to thank Rick for filling in as Mr. Mom all day yesterday.  He cheerfully took care of Quin’s every need and meal, while at the same time, taking care of me.  Thank you Rick.  I love you.  Thanks for stepping in as you always do to fill the gaps that I leave in our family.