Two Day

For those who might not know, today is two-day.  Ok, this day is really just a day that we celebrated as today is Quin’s second birthday.  I must admit that the day Quin was born I had absolutely no idea how he would change my life.  I wasn’t even sure what I would do with a little boy from the time we had our sonogram almost 20 weeks into pregnancy.  Rick kept assuring me that all I needed to do was to love him.  The rest would work itself out.  True to his character, Rick was right.  I find that if I just love Quin, he continues to delight me.  Today was a day that Quin delighted in lots of things.

We’ve had a rather busy day.  It started off with a dental appointment for me.  So Quin had a great time playing with his buddy Nicholas for a couple of hours.  Then we headed home for a visit with our friends the Sandfoss’.  They were kind enough to pick up some Chick-fil-A for lunch, and also brought balloons and gifts for Quin.  How very thoughtful!  Quin now has a lovely new play mat with lots of letters, and a great book and doodler for traveling.  He had a great time playing while Jessica and Jared entertained him.  

After his nap, Quin had his favorite dinner – spaghetti.  This was followed up with some presents from mom and dad.  (Feel free to ask us about Quin’s new RC car.  Even dad had fun playing with it.)  Then Aunt Rachel, Uncle Mike and Grant and Marah came for the grand finale.  Cake and Ice Cream!

I am grateful to God that he has given me a little boy to love.  Every day isn’t quite like a birthday, but it sure has been an adventure, one I wouldn’t trade for anything.  Happy Two-Day Quin.  

(P.S. for Quin:  Your third birthday may be a little different with a sibling…so brace yourself.)