Universal Access

I guess I sometimes become programmed to think that my little toddler knows what he should and shouldn’t touch.  This evening after Rick had gone out for a meeting, I was going along with a somewhat normal routine.  I left to use the bathroom for just a few minutes, and when I came back into the family room, I saw dear little Quin hacking away at the keys on my laptop.  I quickly told him to stop, and pulled him away.

Unfortunately, I was too late for something that he had done.  This kid has quite a knack for punching just the right key sequence to do something dangerous.  I normally have my screen locked out after a few minutes so that a proper password is the only thing to unlock it.  Alas, my quick trip out of the room was not long enough to kick on the lockout.  All of this to tell you the significance of “Universal Access.”  I don’t know that I’ve ever had to change anything in that item under system preferences on my MacBook before.  Tonight I learned a valuable lesson.

Everything on my screen was HUGE.  ENORMOUS.  So big that I had to scroll all over the place trying to do a search on help to figure out what Quin had done to me.  Normally if something like this had happened when Rick would be home, I’d just get a quick answer from him.  Tonight I actually had to work for it!  So if your kids or coworkers or someone does this to you, go to your Apple menu, System preferences, Universal Access.  And then under Seeing, turn the zoom to OFF.  Amazing that a nearly two-year old could manage to change that setting.  I wonder, is he brilliant or just that lucky?