Week 1 has been rough

I’ve been on cycle 2 for a week now, and I can definitely say that this round has been rougher than last time. For starters, Saturday morning marked the first day that I was throwing up. Thankfully, so far it has been the only day as well. Vivian and I think that I over-did it during the week and stayed up too late on too many nights. I really need to make sure that I’m getting all the sleep that I can.

Even though the oncologist says that the levels of cytoxan in my system drop to 0 during the 2 week break from the chemo and that there really shouldn’t be any cumulative effects from cycle to cycle, I really believe that this round has been harder. I’ve had stronger feelings of nausea than what I remember during cycle 1. And this is after I compensated for taking one my anti-nausea medications wrongly during cycle 1! I know that just sitting in church on Sunday was rougher than I remember it from last time. Of course, now that I’ve thrown up a couple of times I may be a bit more nervous about being too far from a bathroom and that may be having an affect.

I can’t really report any significant hair loss, however. I still see some loose hairs from time to time, but there is no real change in my appearance. I am probably finding every single hair that is there to see, since I’m now on alert.