The second treatment cycle has started

The second cycle of chemotherapy started on Tuesday 6/11. The first two days weren’t too bad, and that makes this cycle pretty much like the last one so far. However, today is day three and I’m starting to feel it a lot more.

I had an appointment with the oncologist yesterday. He was a bit surprised that I’ve been as sick as I have. I guess he didn’t think the cytoxan would affect me that much. He asked if I thought I could keep up
with this for 6 rounds of treatment. I told him that I was sure that I could. I figure that chemotherapy isn’t going to be exactly fun. I’m not really shooting for a total abatement of all symptoms while I’m going through this.

The doctor wasn’t too concerned that I’ve gained 11 pounds so far. He said he would be more concerned if I was in my 60s or 70s, but at my age I should be able to take the weight back off. He was glad to hear of my water drinking habits.

Interestingly enough, I discovered some hair in the shower and on my arms after toweling off this morning. It might not be anything, but it could be a precursor of what is to come! At this point I’ll say that I really don’t mind. Whatever I have to go through is what I have to go through. Besides, I’m an engineer — we aren’t too hung up on our looks anyway (see earlier comment about gaining 11 pounds)!