So much water to drink!

Well, I’m on day four of the cancer treatment, and it is getting progressively worse. I’m feeling the queasiness from the cytoxan now, which really hadn’t been a problem on days 1-3. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not really all that sick at this point. I’m going to work as usual, and I’m able to do most of what I used to do as part of a “normal” life.

One of the things that is important is to drink lots and lots of water. The oncologist said I need to drink at least a 2-liter per day, which is actually only around the amount of water most people are supposed to drink each day (eight 8oz glasses). But have you ever tried to drink that much?

The main reason for all the water drinking is that the toxins that are part of the chemotherapy tend to accumulate in the bladder. If the system isn’t getting flushed regularly, it can lead to problems. One web site I read recommended enough water such that you need to go to the bathroom every two hours.

I’ve been averaging something like 3-4 liters per day so far. I’m not going to run the risk of any further complications.

I am quite worn out at the end of the day now. And for most of the day I feel pretty run down. My major muscle groups feel pretty weak, and walking up a flight of stairs is a bit of a chore. The other evening I got home from work and attempted to finish a project that I had started in the garage. It was only going to be some light drilling and screwing in a few screws. By the end of the job I was completely worn out! Needless to say we are looking into alternatives for getting the lawn mowed!

Thanks to everyone who has shown us so much support. It has meant a lot to me and to Vivian.