The treatment for my lymphoma has been chosen

I had an appointment with the oncologist today. We have decided on a treatment plan that will consist of oral chemotherapy.

The drug of choice is CYTOXAN. Actually, I’m taking the generic form of the drug called CYCLOPHOSPHAMIDE. For all of you folks in the medical profession, I’m hoping that means something to you. Personally, I just take what I’m told to!

The treatment plan will run in six cycles of four weeks each. I will be taking the CYCLOPHOSPHAMIDE during the first two weeks of the cycle, then I will give my body a break for the second two weeks. After the first four cycles of treatment, the doctors will perform another endoscopy on me to check on the progress. At that point they are hoping that the lymphoma will be pretty much gone, and the last two cycles of treatment will be just to ensure it is really gone.

If there isn’t significant progress at the end of the first four cycles, we will have to step up the treatment via intravenous chemotherapy.

CYCLOPHOSPHAMIDE will likely make me nausiated. The oncologist also prescribed COMPAZINE to fight off the nausia. Of course, I am taking a generic equivalent: PROCHLORPERAZINE. I guess I’ll really find out about the side-effects of this medication during this first cycle.

Here’s a quick chart that will show my treatment schedule as it is mapped out currently:

Cycle Dates Activity
May 14 – May 27 Taking the chemotherapy
  May 28 – June 10 Off the chemotherapy
June 11 – June 24 Taking the chemotherapy
  June 25 – July 8 Off the chemotherapy
July 9 – July 22 Taking the chemotherapy
  July 23 – August 5 Off the chemotherapy
August 6 – August 19 Taking the chemotherapy
  August 20 – September 2 Off the chemotherapy
September 3 – September 16 Taking the chemotherapy
  September 17 – September 30 Off the chemotherapy
October 1 – October 14 Taking the chemotherapy
  October 15 – October 28 Off the chemotherapy