Training and Time

Training is a word that has been used quite a bit around our house lately.  We’ve been working on training our boys to do lots of new things, to be polite, to learn about God and the world around us that He’s created, to sleep through the night, and yes, there have been attempts to potty train.  I’m both amused and relieved with the following definition.

training – the act of teaching a person a particular skill or behavior through practice and instruction over a period of time

I’m amused because I know that any training I’ve received has taken time.  I’m relieved that anything I attempt to train my boys to do will take time.  We live in a fast paced society, and yet are surprised and disappointed when things don’t quickly fall into place.  So I am reminding myself that time is an ingredient in training.  I don’t need to rush things with Quin or with Camren.  I should be patient and consistent and wait.  Isn’t this how we all learn anything new?