Thoughts about naps and pacifiers

We’ve been pretty irregular with our posts these days.  One reason is, well, no nap! I miss the nap.  Not mine, although a regular nap for myself would be wonderful.  What I miss is Quin’s naptime.  Quin had an appointment with the dentist this week, and we were reminded yet again that he needs to ditch his pacifier.  Sure, thank you dentist.  Thank you pediatrician.  Thank you everyone who doesn’t currently have to deal with a sad, frustrated three year old at naptime and bedtime.  I know it doesn’t help his teeth.  I know it doesn’t help his growth.  I know it. But what I also know is:

1.  Giving up something that is so ingrained into a routine is not easy.  It is hard.  It is hard on the one giving it up.  It is hard on the ones around the one giving it up.

2.  Giving up something that is well loved produces a sadness that at times is difficult to communicate.

3.  Giving up something as simple as a pacifier really isn’t as simple as all the advisors say it is (at least not when you are walking through it on a daily, moment-by-moment basis).

4.  I have often wanted to give in and give Quin his paci back, but I know this wouldn’t help either of us in the long run.

As I reflect on the week’s events working with Quin, I am reminded again of God’s patience with me.  I long to extend that same patience to Quin, but it is not coming easily.  I know there will come a day when I’ll look back at this time and think it wasn’t so difficult.  I’ll also look back and realize what a huge milestone this is in Quin’s development.  So why do I feel a sadness about it?  I suppose that Quin is growing and changing in ways that his mom hadn’t fathomed even just a year ago.  I suppose I’d like to keep him little and protect him from sadness altogether. But that just isn’t possible and learning to deal with emotions is another part of growing up.

God give me the patience and wisdom required to shepherd Quin through the giving up of his beloved pacifier.  Give me grace to be dependent upon you and to point Quin’s dependence to you as well.