Long overdue Camren update

Wow, I see I haven’t updated the site in close to a month now. Sorry about that to anyone who wanted an update on how we’re doing with the newborn.

Things are slowly heading into something of a livable pattern now. I’ll comment on each of the aspects that I mentioned in my last post:

  • We aren’t getting regular sleep, but it’s definitely more manageable now. Vivian and I sleep around 5-6 hours per night I would guess. It’s still interrupted sleep, but at least there’s enough to be functional.
  • Quin’s ear infections have cleared up nicely and he’s acting like his normal, playful self.
  • Quin really seems to have adjusted to having Camren in the house. He seems interested in what Camren is doing, wants to comfort Camren when he cries, etc.
  • Vivian is recovering from the surgery well. She hasn’t really been complaining of pain, and she isn’t taking any pain management drugs. She mentioned yesterday that she really can’t be picking Quin up many times a day yet, but she’s definitely more active now.
  • Vivian and Camren seem to have taken to the breast-feeding pretty well. Camren is feeding a lot better than Quin ever did.
  • My cold passed through my system in a few days and I’m back to normal now as well.
  • I’m still looking for work, but have had some promising interviews of late.

On to what the family checks the blog for: some pictures.