Christmas Recap

I suppose we’ve been a little lax in our postings as of late. There are no good excuses, just apologies, although I don’t think anyone has been asking us for a new post. I thought it might be nice to post just a few pictures and updates about the holidays.

Christmas Eve was spent at a couple of parties to which we were fortunate enough to be invited. It was kind of a long night of visiting, but Quin held up fairly well. Our neighborhood was doing luminaries that evening, so when we got home after a gathering at the Baker’s home, Rick was working outside setting up the bags. It really was a lovely display even though several of them flamed up in the wind and rain that evening.

Christmas morning was low-key since Quin doesn’t really know much about what day of the week any day is. We let him sleep as usual, and came down and enjoyed some cinnamon rolls, milk and juice before heading into the living room for presents. Quin received three presents from us. He was too funny with the first one he opened. It turned out to be his favorite item, so he had no reason to open any more gifts. We told him he had two more gifts to open and asked if he wanted to open the next one or play with Mack. He looked up, and replied, “play with Mack.” That was fun. Later in the morning, Quin’s cousins Grant and Marah came to visit along with Aunt Rachel and Uncle Dude. We had some snacks and enjoyed some birthday cake and ice cream. (Let’s not mention whose birthday or how old a certain pregnant person is…)

The following day (Rick’s favorite, boxing day) was spent with my side of the family. We had a large meal for lunch including a wonderful honeybaked spiral ham. This day was lots of fun since my mom always goes overboard with too many gifts. Quin definitely figured out what the word presents really meant since he had a giant pile of them to open. This time, he just kept opening. His grandmother was definitely spoiling him with all the Leap Frog toys she could find. His aunts and uncles gave him lots of new things to play with as well. One of the photos above shows the aftermath of all the toys. It took more than an hour to figure out where to put it all.

Overall, we enjoyed time with family and being together. Excuse our lateness in wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!