The Tron panel

As can be derived from its name, this panel is mainly used for Tron. But it is also a functioning Discs of Tron panel as well. The spinner on the left is actually an original spinner from a Discs of Tron machine (ebay!). That was a semi-expensive purchase, actually. It cost me over $100 for that spinner. This panel also works well for games that had a flight-stick kind of control — like Zaxxon.

The trigger stick is actually a cheap PC joystick that I hacked the bottom off of and mounted onto an arcade joystick base. A big debt of thanks goes to my friend Bob who hollowed out a solid metal shaft from an arcade joystick in order to fish the wires for the switches down through the stick.

The button array in the middle is intended to allow playing of other spinner games like Tempest, Arkanoid, Star Trek, etc. But it turns out that a Discs of Tron spinner is just a bit too weighty for quick action games like Tempest. I hope to be able to build a dedicated spinner panel at some point in the future for games like Tempest.