What’s New?

The posts have been pretty scarce lately.  This doesn’t mean that things haven’t been going on, just that I’ve been a bit lazy, I suppose.  We returned from our beach vacation and slowly returned to a normal routine around the house.  Rick has been busy doing things to his “vintage” motorcycle.  (But I’d rather have him post more details about that.)  Quin has been repeating more and more words lately.  Sadly though, he still will not put many words together for us.  Some favorites these days are:

  • Pease (please)
  • Ank You (thank you)
  • Snack
  • Truck
  • San (Sam, as in Sam the Fireman)
  • Frankin (Franklin, as in the Noggin show)
  • Clue (another Noggin show, Blue’s Clues)
  • Mommy (which he yells at all times of the day and night.  Why did I want him to learn my name so much?)
  • Ouside (outside)
  • Grant & Marah (his obvious favorite cousins)
  • Dude (this is how he refers to his Uncle Mike)
  • P-cakes (pancakes, which have been known to be requested at dinner time)
  • Rick (this one particularly amuses me as Quin will holler for Rick whenever I do.)

Today I had an appointment at the OB/GYN.  Things seem to be right on track with the pregnancy. Happily I only gained one pound since my last visit.  This prompted me to head right to Starbucks just as soon as I left the office!  I’ll be scheduling a sonogram for 4 weeks from now to find out if we should explore a girl or a boy name.  Again, I was advised to schedule a c-section for the baby.  I’m actually quite happy about that as we can actually schedule the baby’s birth date and arrange care for Quin.

We spent some time last weekend trimming up bushes and spraying for poison ivy.  Somehow we were exposed to it when we trimmed our hedges right before heading to the beach early in August.  Rick’s arms have cleared up considerably, while my legs are still quite itchy.  Now that we know where the danger zone is we will be much more careful.  We also purchased a twin bed last weekend from Craig’s List.  Our hope is that we can transition Quin to a regular bed before February when the new baby will arrive.   

My final thought on closing this post is to explain that despite Quin’s inability to put two words together, he has somehow managed,  to learn to say, “I ove you.”  (Translation:  I love you.)  I first heard him saying this to one of his trucks.  I was puzzled, to say the least.  I asked him, “Quin, do you love your truck?”  He just stared at me.  We do tell him we love him as often as possible.  His grandparents sent him a YoYo and Hoops Hallmark card for his birthday.  If anyone out there isn’t familiar with those, they are cards that contain a little audio chip in them.  When you open the card, it talks to you.  Quin has been playing with that card quite a bit lately.  The front says, “I’ve been working on saying this just right…”  The inside then repeats I love you, over and over.  So the combination of the card and just hearing these words time and time again have prompted our little guy to say I love you.  It’s just too cute.  We love you too Quin, even if you did tell your truck before you told us.