Vacation Fun

We’ve been enjoying some fun but exhausting days in Myrtle Beach.  We made it to Broadway at the Beach with the entire Reynolds family one night.  We enjoyed dinner at Joe’s Crab Shack, and then witnessed Marah and Grant spend their “allowance” on a build-a-bear and a specially designed car.  

We took a trip to the local Children’s Museum where Quin seemed to enjoy everything he could experience there.  His favorite thing seemed to be the Magic Bus.

Last night we all went to enjoy a dinner show at the Medieval Times theatre and tournament.  I thought Quin might have been a little frightened by some of the show, but he wasn’t.  He ended up enjoying all of the horsemanship and cheering along with his dad.  

All of this has been loads of fun.  I must confess though that today (a very rainy day) has been most enjoyable to me.  Rachel and I sneaked off for a good chunk of the day to shop at the outlets.  (Before that we enjoyed lattes from Starbucks.)  We followed up the shopping by refueling ourselves at a local restaurant called Oscar’s.  It was nice of the men to take care of the kids for the day.  Maybe it will rain again tomorrow!