Young Yodeler

We haven’t been doing a whole lot around here lately.  We had a nice visit with my sister Nancy last week while Rick was out of town at a conference.  It was fun to do some girl things together, and also to have Quin enjoy playing with Aunt Nancy.  

Today we visited our friend Domenica in the hospital since she had some minor surgery done this week.  Quin seemed to enjoy a change of scenery.  Our friend was kind enough to tune in Sesame Street for him while we visited.  Mostly we’ve been preparing for our upcoming vacation.  We’ll be leaving in just a few more days.  

This leads me to today’s long overdue title…One of Quin’s favorite shows to watch on Noggin is one called Little Bear.  Today the duck and hen were standing over a canyon and yodeling.  I realize this is not the typical pastime for most people.  For some reason, as soon as that duck yodeled, Quin felt the need to try it as well.  You probably had to be here to enjoy it.  It was a funny moment in a day of ordinary stuff.  

Does anyone out there know anything about yodeling?  Or is it just a funny thing to do and listen to?