$2.00 or Priceless?

What an interesting day it’s been.  We met our friend Jill to go to a couple of garage sales.  The idea was to all ride together in Jill’s minivan.  So we parked at her place, loaded up the van, and commenced our garage sale bargain hunting.  House 1 (of only 2):  We put the kids in strollers and walked around the driveway and garage looking at various toys, clothing, and general household stuff.  Quin spotted a cute Bob the Builder toy and continued pointing at it until I looked at it.  It was marked with a $2.00 price tag.  What could I do?  It was a good looking toy and reasonably priced.  So I did what a loving mom would do.  I bought it for him.  

What I didn’t realize was that Quin had set down his precious doggie on a table at the garage sale as I paid for the toy.  In case you didn’t already know, that doggie is his security blanket.  He sleeps with it, asks for it whenever he is sad, or has been corrected, or just about anytime really.  We once tried to find a second doggie to have as a backup.  (I confess I really don’t get it washed as often as I’d like to.  Having a second one would be so nice to rotate out and allow me to keep one relatively clean.)  We gave up the dream of a second one when we realized that it would take a very high bid on Ebay to get it.  But now I am straying from today’s adventure.

We packed up the mini van and headed for House 2, not knowing that we were now without said doggie.  We absolutely had to take our new toy with us as Jill & I scanned many antique items.  We liked lots of what we saw at House 2 but couldn’t bring ourselves to buy anything at the prices marked.  So again, we packed up the mini van and headed out.  By now we were thinking of lunch.  Jill’s in-laws called to see if we wanted to meet at Chick-fil-A.  As we talked about getting my car back, I didn’t even think of the precious doggie.  Until…we got back to our car.   This is when Quin began to miss the doggie and started calling out for his doggie and paci.  

I looked on the floor.  I looked in my bag.  I even checked the stroller.  No doggie.  By this time, Quin was cranked up pretty well.  The drama was in full swing.  (Who said only girls are dramatic?)  As Jill & I tried to retrace the morning, she thought she had seen Quin with the dog at House 1.  So…I folded my screaming Quin into his car seat back in our car and went back to House 1.  As I drove, listening to my son cry out, “doggie, doggie, doggie, paci, paci, paci,” I would have paid any price to get that dog back.  

When we arrived at our destination, Quin miraculously calmed himself and began speaking normally.  We walked quietly back through the driveway and garage.  I kindly asked if we had left our doggie behind.  I am thrilled to report that the dear woman had found it and asked her children to put it aside for us.  She figured we’d be back for it.  I guess all moms know what a priceless treasure those security blankets are.  We are grateful to have our doggie back.  Maybe I should rethink paying upwards of $80 for a backup from a seller on Ebay.  Is anyone with me on this?  Perhaps that doggie is priceless, at least it is to Quin, and after today, I think it is to me as well.