The Pacifier

Quin is nearly 2 years old, and the pediatrician recommends that we wean him off his pacifier soon.  Apparently the dentists say it is harmful for proper tooth alignment or something like that.  The doctor even gave me a few strategies for trying to wean him off.  I have no trouble believing that the end should come for the pacifier, but Quin has a little soft plush dog/blanket that he sleeps with.  The dog seems to go in combination with his pacifier.  He always wants one with the other.  One day I even caught him trying to give his pacifier to his doggie, holding it up to his mouth and everything.  I thought it was an absolutely adorable moment.  Of course I don’t want the boy thinking that everyone has a pacifier or needs one.  I don’t want him to be dependent upon it for comforting, soothing, or sleeping.  Yet at this age and stage of his life, the pacifier seems to be filling those needs for him to some extent.

This notion of dependency has had me wondering.   What do I run to when I need comfort, or refuge or soothing?  I know in my head that God should be my refuge and comfort.  He alone sustains me, and yet my pacifiers are all around me.  I run for quiet, food, or sleep.  Many times I just wish to be alone not serving anyone else’s needs.  Do you have a pacifier that takes the place of God?  Do you need to be weaned off?   God, please give me the grace to run to you and not to earthly things to pacify myself.