Allium (aka flowering onion)

Most people enjoy a nice cookout and a day of relaxation over the Memorial Day weekend.  Our weekend included those things but only after lots of yard work.  This was the final weekend of our free project…hedge trimming.  However, since Rick was tasked with the job of trimming from the ladder, the project turned into what I will now refer to as scalping the hedges.  Our backyard will never look the same.  I can only hope that the forsythia will rebound nicely from the severe trimming that they received.  Our neighbors were gracious enough to allow us onto their property to trim back the overgrowth past their fence.  The upside of the job is that we can now actually walk behind the shrubs which will make future trims much easier.  So thanks to my dear husband for working so long and hard on the job.

I learned something else about our yard as well.  We had some friends here yesterday for a cookout, despite the on again off again rains.  I honestly thought our tulips had morphed into some other crazy looking flower.  After doing a little searching around today, I have discovered that we’ve got several Allium plants.  These are also known as giant flowering onions.  I found a photo image to confirm it.  To all of our guests, you have my apologies.  The “Dr. Seuss plants” are really called allium.

Quin pointing at one of the many fire trucks in the Memorial Day parade.

We were able to enjoy the local Memorial Day parade this year, along with family.  It was fun to watch little Quin watch the parade.  He thoroughly enjoyed all of the candy that was thrown his way.  And although we were worried that he might be frightened of all the loud sirens, he just stood and pointed at those fire trucks.  It may have been the highlight of the weekend for me.