Captain Crunch

At about 5:30 every evening, dear little Quin goes postal on me. Ok, maybe it’s not that bad. But this is a delicate time of the evening when the boy is ready for dinner.

Tonight I wasn’t feeling all that great, so we ran to the super market for a quick pickup of gingerale, and other important items. The timing of this trip threatened to upset that delicate time of the evening. But off we went, and as we rounded the bend to get some soup, that’s when the marketing ploys hit me at full force. On an end cap aisle was a lovely assortment of Captain Crunch cereals marked at a special sale price. So, I grabbed up a box of peanutbutter cap’n crunch. Rick loves the stuff, and I do too, but it is something rarely purchased, except for our annual vacation shopping. When we got home and I started unloading all of the grocery items, postal Quin collided with a run down mom. Maybe I never have a shot at mom of the year, but tonight, Quin enjoyed his very first bowl of cap’n crunch. I must say that the peace and quiet and happy “mmm’s” that were heard as he enjoyed this dinner left me feeling oddly satisfied. If only the nutritional value equaled that of a serving of fruits and vegetables. I guess I can dream….but tonight captain crunch is a good thing.