In 2002 I started a new port of the Frotz Z-machine interpreter for PalmOS computers. My desire to do so was driven by the fact that the two available Z-machine interpreters available for PalmOS machines (Pilot-Frotz and Frobnitz) were showing their age. Also, the core code of the Frotz project had been released under the GPL and it seemed that a GPL based PalmOS port would be a valuable thing.

I mainly worked on it during my lunch breaks at work. But this was my first foray into PalmOS programming and progress was slow. After some time, I ended up losing my job and my personal life changed quite a bit as a result.

Sometime after this, two other GPL’d Z-machine interpreters for PalmOS were released (Kronos and CliFrotz). Both seem to be hitting that need for which I originally started my PalmFrotz port.

So, PalmFrotz as a project is officially dead. However, recently another PalmOS interpreter has emerged called Cellar Door. I highly recommend it. And the author has kindly acknowledged the work that I put into PalmFrotz!