The six month checkup

I had a CAT scan on Monday March 31, 2003. This was scheduled back in October, 2002, as a six-month checkup on the cancer. On April 7, I saw my oncologist to hear the results and have a basic physical checkup.

The CAT scan is one of the worst tests that I’ve had to endure. They make you drink a Barium solution so that they can get the images from the scan. It’s AWFUL! And it makes me sick the next day — although I don’t think that happens for everyone.

The results are that the cancer is still in remission. All my blood counts and various other measurements were normal. The doctor told me, “There’s nothing wrong with you.”

I’ve scheduled another checkup for October, where he will probably only do some blood tests. At that time he will request another stomach scoping to get a first-hand look at things.

Vivian and I are thankful to God that the results are good. I can spend this summer continuing to lose the weight I gained on the chemo last year!